Enhance Your Landscape With Elegant Curbing

Speak with our landscape curbing contractor in Prescott, Hudson, WI & Woodbury, MN

Why have a plain landscape design when you can create a dynamic, unique space instead? Landscape curbing is an affordable way to enhance the look of your entire yard. If you're considering a custom curbing project, call on K&M Outdoor Services.

Our landscape curbing contractors work with several different types of decorative curbing at price points to meet any budget. You'll have stylish and durable features in your yard once we've finished the job. Connect with our team in Prescott, Hudson, WI & Woodbury, MN now to ask about pricing.

We make it easy to get custom curbing

It's easy to get unique curbing on your property when you hire us. Our landscape curbing contractor will...

  • Meet with you to discuss your curbing options
  • Outline the details of the project area with spray paint
  • Edge any grass away from the curbing area
  • Mix our own blend of cement for the project
  • Pour and seal the curbing type you chose
  • Repeat the concrete sealing process every two years for long-lasting results

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